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LED Light Bar

This LED light bar provides us an ideal indoor or outdoor decorative lighting source. It can be used as cabinet lights, cosmetic counter lights, jewelry display case lights, and decorative lighting products for hotels and restaurants, and more.

1. This LED light bar is designed with U shape aluminium profile and features superior heat diffusion.
2. With fixing clips, this LED light is easy for installation.
3. Input voltage: 12V DC
4. 5050 SMD LEDs are adopted as the light emitting device, and the LED light bar can be composed of 24 LEDs or 30 LEDs.
5. The light bar length is available in 0.5m or 1m.
6. Customized LED lights are also available.

Structure Dimensions

Technical Parameters
(TA=25℃) (For white LED light bars only)

Part No. Color Operating Voltage ( V ) Current (mA ) Power ( W ) Color temperature (K) View angle Luminous Flux(lm) LED Qty (PCS)
Min Max
BV-Bar-U14-12-5050-30 W 12 ≤600 ≤7.2 5000-12000K 120 440 460 30

Connection with Power Supply

As the LED light bar works with 12V DC power supply, make sure the anode and cathode matched when doing the connection.
60W power supply (12V output) could drive 7pcs LED light bars.
100W power supply (12V output) could drive 12pcs bars.

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