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LED Light Bar

This series of LED light bar is divided into a wide range of subcategories in terms of light colors, including blue LED light bars, green LED light bars, pure white LED light bars, and red LED light bars, to name a few.
Meanwhile, this multicolor LED light is an ideal indoor decorative lighting source, and it can be used for the lighting of light boxes, advertising signs, and channel letters, and more.
1. This type of LED light bar is composed of Φ5×8.6mm cylinder, superflux LEDs without flange.
2. There is a short distance between LEDs.
3. This rigidLED strip light is widely used for the lighting of all kinds of super thin light boxes.
4. Non-waterproof.
5. The length of this LED light product is customizable.

Structure Dimensions

1. All dimension units are millimeters.
2. All dimension tolerance is ±0.1mm unless otherwise noted.

Circuit Diagram

Technical Parameters of BV-Bar-RndW-48, LED Light Bar

Part No. Color Operating Voltage (V) Current ( mA ) Wattage ( W )
BV-Bar-RndW-48-R R 12 ≤320 ≤3.84
BV-Bar-RndW-48-Y Y 12 ≤320 ≤3.84
BV-Bar-RndW-48-W Pure White 12 ≤320 ≤3.84
BV-Bar-RndW-48-G Green 12 ≤320 ≤3.84
BV-Bar-RndW-48-B Blue 12 ≤320 ≤3.84
Working Temperature ( ℃ ) -25 ~ +60
Storage Temperature ( ℃ ) -40 ~ +80

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (TA=25℃)

Part No. Color Peak Wavelength ( nm ) View Angle Luminous Flux ( lm ) LED Qty
min max
BV-Bar-RndW-48-R R 626 80° 32 38 48
BV-Bar-RndW-48-Y Y 590 80° 43 53 48
BV-Bar-RndW-48-W Pure White 7500K 80° 108 133 48
BV-Bar-RndW-48-G Green 525 80° 150 172 48
BV-Bar-RndW-48-B Blue 470 80° 51 64 48

Connection with Power Supply


Weight: 3400g
Quantity: 40pcs
Dimension: 76×16×10 (cm)

We can supply a wide range of waterproof LED lights, RGB strip lights, grille LED lights, and panel lights, and more. All our LED products are provided with reliable performance and reasonable prices, and they feature long service life, ascetic appearance, and energy conservation.
We welcome you to choose our products.

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